Gardeners exchange reports from 2012

Dirk Fietsch in Edinburgh

Dresden - Edinburgh:

During his two-week stay at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh gardener Dirk Fietsch has learned a lot about the culture of Victoria regia, such substrates are mixed as the sunshine duration is documented and how it goes on the island - very British sometimes. About all this he writes in his report. Exchange his colleagues he expected in May 2013 in Dresden.

Here you can download the travel report

Fietsch - Edinburgh (1.1 MiB)

Follow-up meeting in Gothenburg:

The expedition to the Caucasus last year, came to the participants from Hamburg, Gothenburg, St Petersburg, Piatigorsk, Stavropol and Shanghai, has left many impressions at all. As a follow-up meeting in Gothenburg was very good, to discuss the success of the expedition, as the seeds are accrued as goes the culture of specific plants and other expeditions were planned. Also in Sweden, they found time and opportunity for small excursions.

Here you can download the travel report

Hamburg - Schweden (1,008.0 KiB)