Travel projects 2015

Tim Boehnert in Oman

In 2015, the gardener exchange has granted six projects with a total of nearly 13,000 €.

Ethiopa – Bonn, Germany:

Following the project ARBOPRO a gardener from the Arboretum in Ethiopia will travel to Germany. In this project, the construction of an arboretum in Ethiopia is supported by the German side.

We are pleased to support this project in its horticultural orientation.

Tübingen, Germany – Iran:

A gardener of the Botanical Gardens Tübingen will deepen his knowledge about Primroses on a field trip to Iran. Through local contacts it will be possible to get collections. The Botanical Garden Tübingen will bear a share of the cost.

Hamburg, Germany – Nepal

An apprentice of the Botanical Gardens Hamburg, will travel to the Botanical Garden Daman in Nepal for an internship. She had made ​​contacts through a private site visit.

Kiel – Windhoek, Namibia

A gardener for succulents from the Botanical Garden Kiel will work a week at the Botanical Gardens Windhoek, Namibia and then travel to country sites of succulents for the following two weeks.

Dhaka, Bangladesch - Dresden

Two senior gardeners from the Botanical Garden Dhaka, Bangladesh will travel for extensive training to Dresden for four weeks.

Tübingen – Gran Canaria

A gardener from Tübingen will travel to Tenerife for information about the redesign of the Canaries department.


Travel projects 2014

Tim Boehnert in Oman

In 2014 a total of 12.000 € were provided for gardeners exchange projects.

Potsdam - Medellín:

Two gardeners from the Botanical Garden Potsdam were travelling to Colombia. Part of the funding had been approved already in 2013.

Hamburg - Belo Horizonte:

The specialized Botanical Garden in Hamburg Wandsbek will continue the successful exchange with Brazil. The exchange exists since 2006 and has proven successful for both partner Gardens. In 2014 a gardener from Hamburg has travelled to Belo Horizonte.

Leon - München, München - Leon:

The Botanical Garden Munich establishes a gardener exchange with the Botanical Garden in Leon, Nicaragua. A gardener from Leon stayed in Munich for three months. A gardener from Munich travelled to Leon for a few weeks. The accommodation for both were provided from each participating botanic garden on site.

Bukarest - Hamburg:

The exchange with the Botanical Garden of Bucharest, which started in 2013, is to be continued by a return visit from Bucharest. For this reason two gardeners from Bucharest have been invited to Hamburg.

Young gardeners:

Funds are available for the sponsorship of travels for young gardeners. These can be applied for without specific deadlines.

Travel projects 2013

Tim Boehnert in Oman

In 2013 a total of 10.000 € were planned for seven travel projects.

Dresden - Talca (Chile):

The Botanical Garden of the University of Dresden continues the existing gardeners exchange between Dresden and Talca. The costs of room and board in Talca will be covered by the University of Talca.

News: We asked the ZEIT-Stiftung and we are very pleased, that they take over the costs for this exchange!

Potsdam - Medellin (Colombia):

The Botanical Garden Potsdam is planning a gardener exchange with the botanical garden in Medellin. There already is a contact with the garden in Medellin.

Hamburg - Bukarest:

Travelling from the Botanical Garden Hamburg, 3 gardeners follow the invitation of the Botanical Garden of Bukarest. The Department of crops is the focus. The accommodation was covered by the Botanical Garden Bukarest.

Hamburg - Appalachian Mountains (USA):

Two gardeners went on a 2-3 week collecting trip in the Appalachian Region.

Bonn - England:

For a short journey, a gardender from the Botanical Garden Bonn went to various English gardens for snowdrop blooms.

Bonn - Switzerland:

For a botanical trip to Switzerland  the Foundation supported a travel subsidy for two gardeners of the Botanical Garden Bonn.

Young Gardeners: For young gardeners there are also funds available in 2013 - an application for this is possible at any time.

Reports on the work carried out in recent years, exchanges and travel, you will find in trip reports.