Exchanges and travel in 2011

In 2011, a total of 13.600 were provided by the Foundation for various exchange projects.

Caucasus Expedition:

The Botanical Garden Hamburg plans together with Gothenburg and St. Petersburg, an expedition to the Caucasus to spot and to collect plants and knowledge, particularly enjoy the colleagues that they also may invite a colleague from the Botanical Garden Shanghai to the expedition.

Belo Horizonte - Hamburg:

The Botanical Garden Special in Hamburg Wandsbek continues the exchange with Belo Horizonte in Brazil, it is planned that two people from Belo Horizonte come to Hamburg and complete an extensive program here.

Kiel - Holland:

A young teacher from the Botanical Garden Kiel will look exactly to the Dutch horticulture in relation to the culture of tropical plants and cooperate.

Dresden - Wisley:

A young gardener from Dresden traveled to Wisley expanded and exchanges his knowledge in 2012.