Loki Schmidt

With grief and in great reverence we bid farewell to the founder of the International gardener exchange between botanical gardens. Loki Schmidt has for decades been committed to young gardeners who can deepen their knowledge of plants in the countries of origin of the botanical gardens. As honorary chairman she has accompanied the activities of the Foundation of the International gardener exchange up to their end of life with expert advice and joy. More than 30 botanical gardens today are connected to each other thanks to their initiative in a global network .

We will do our utmost to fulfill the grand vision of Loki Schmidt in their favor on with life .

Advisory Board and the Foundation of the International gardener exchange

Loki Schmidt - your view of the individual for the whole
When Loki Schmidt took over as the honorary chairman of our Foundation , we told her she was our " standard meter " in which we would measure ourselves again and again - because the gardener exchange is unthinkable without her! We would like to thank you for the vigor with which they brought all gardeners exchange on the way. In the early days of the gardener exchange Loki took care of it by herself. She has made ​​the contacts and earned the money or requested it for the exchange. She had gone to the different locations by herself and widened the contacts to botanical gardens in the world. She has repeatedly requested and also cooked pea soup for guests.

The idea is so well adopted that now many botanical gardens do exchange with their partners overseas and send their gardeners to Chile or to Lesotho . The gardener exchange is now a foundation for many almost granted. Therefore it is important to remember with what interest and sympathy and enthusiasm Loki called gardeners welcome. Because without all the individuals who are enthusiastic about the specifics of the plant world and protect them with best efforts and get projects, like the gardener exchange, it could not exist . Our Honorary Chairperson Knew that always very well and that's what we appreciated so much to her.