Travel reports from 2006

Botanical Garden Hamburg - China

M. Buttjes and A. Arendt traveled in May 2006 in the Botanical Garden Shanghai (China ) . For a special cutting techniques were learned and the other  insights gained in the Chinese garden culture. About the trip was reported on a lecture at the " China Times" in September 2006 in Hamburg. The trip allows gardeners to look after the scheduled in the Botanical Garden Chinese Scholar's Garden Hamburg .

Abu Dhabi

A. Jahn took with V. Köpcke a trip to Abu Dhabi in November-December 2006 in Hamburg excited by the newly opened desert garden . This is about contact and cultivate and to provide information on irrigation techniques . The Hamburg Senate Chancellery supports the travelers' site with accompaniment .

Brazil - Hamburg

An employee , Marina Portugal, the Botanical Gardens Belo Horizonte (Brazil ) was to tie in September 2006 for two weeks in Hamburg contacts to the Botanical Gardens (in collaboration with the Botanical Garden Special Wandsbek and the garden outside line Hamburg). In a lecture she presented to the Botanical Garden Belo Horizonte [ nbsp] Hamburg.

Leipzig Botanical Garden

M. Schütze travels in autumn 2006 in the Botanical Garden Canberra ( Australia ) there to deepen his knowledge of the culture of Proteaceae .