Gardeners exchange reports from 2008


Dresden - Chile

The gardener Jozef Gogolok from the Botanical Garden in Dresden was in January / February 2008 in the Botanical Garden of the University of Talca in Chile. Hereby the existing partnership between Dresden and Talca was expanded. Through the mediation of the Foundation gardener exchange the ZEIT Foundation covered the costs for this exchange. On 25 March 2009, he has reported in Hamburg in a lecture of his journey.


Here you can download the travel report but only in german

Dresden - Chile (1.7 MiB)

Bonn - South West Australia

The teacher Anne Schulz from the Botanical Garden Bonn was during a stay in Perth their knowledge and skills in the field of culture insectivores deepen. In this context, they also participated in a conference on the subject insectivores. The Botanical Gardens Bonn participated in the travel costs.

Bochum - South Africa

The Gardener Jan-Manuel Rasche from the Botanical Garden Bochum was from January to April 2008 at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. He was able to deepen his knowledge of Proteaceaen and Restionaceaen.


Cologne / Niedekassel - South Africa

Rebecca Hilgenhof has used in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to their practical horticultural skills and knowledge to extend a two-month period (January to March).

Here you can download the travel report but only in german

Köln - Kirstenbosch (319.0 KiB)

Hamburg - Gothenburg - Hamburg

The existing for years exchange between the gardens, was in this year of gardening and plants in both directions genutzt.Als goals of the trip give the gardener: plant exchange, Other culture methods know, growing and substrate mixture of lilies and alpine plants, visiting some nurseries Near Gothenburg, continuing the long-standing exchanges between Hamburg and Gothenburg.

St. Petersburg, Hamburg

Irina Pautova and Gennady Firsov from the Botanical Garden of St. Petersburg in the autumn were in Hamburg. They brought with them plans for joint expeditions.


Rujue Shan im Botanischen Garten

Shanghai - Hamburg

Qinghua Yang and Rujue Shan from Shanghai visited Hamburg's Botanical Garden and were able to gain many insights.

Here you can download the travel report but only in german

China - Hamburg (67.3 KiB)